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It is the mission of the FBA to promote the uniquely American tradition of barbequing meat over natural wood or charcoal-fired heat and smoke through education, family-friendly fellowship, and competition.

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Welcome to the FBA!

Welcome to the Florida BBQ Association’s (FBA) official website… thanks for dropping by.  Please take a look around.  We have lots of information about who we are and what we love, BARBEQUE!  If you love Barbeque (who doesn’t, right?), and you’re looking for a fun organization that sponsors all sorts of barbeque-related activities ranging from contests to barbeque classes to judging seminars for all ages, we’d love to have you.  Just follow the many links throughout the website to become a member.  Enjoy and happy barbequing!

FBA Quick Facts


The Florida BBQ Association (FBA) became a registered 501 c(7) non-profit corporation in the Summer of 2000.  Hatched by a small group of central Florida barbeque enthusiasts, they endeavored to create a barbeque organization that placed greater emphasis on being “cook team” friendly.  During the early formative years of the FBA, many “cook team” centric rules and practices were adopted that live on to this day.  For example: no garnish is required in a FBA turn-in box, only pure barbeque; the lowest judge’s score is not dropped, every judge’s assessment of a FBA turn-in box is given equal weight; and the time between meat category turn-ins is one hour instead of 30-minutes.  These are only a few of the features of a FBA contest that sets us apart from the other barbeque sanctioning bodies.  Now, almost 15 years later, the FBA has become one of the most renowned barbeque organizations in America.  In that time, we have gone from sanctioning only a few contests a year in Florida alone to over 30 contests a year across 5 states.  Our membership is almost 800 strong!  If you’re looking for a barbeque organization to call home, we’d love to have you.
It is the mission of the Florida BBQ Association to promote the uniquely American tradition of barbequing meat over natural wood or charcoal-fired heat and smoke through education, family-friendly fellowship, and competition.
The Florida BBQ Association is proud to promote and carry on the vibrant tradition of barbeque.  No other cuisine strikes at the heart of true Americana like barbeque!  Barbecue is about as red, white, and blue as American cuisine gets.  Millions of Americans are drawn to huddle around outdoor pits, smokers, and grills for almost no reason at all but to slowly cook themselves meaty, patriotic dishes slathered in a variety of tasty sauces. And for true all-American meat lovers, the only real question is how to save room for seconds.
You don’t have to be around “barbeque people” long before you realize they are some of the most caring, generous people on Earth.  With that in mind, the Florida BBQ Association and its members are honored to exclusively support Operation BBQ Relief (OBR).  OBR’s sole purpose is to mobilize their nationwide network of BBQ cook teams to provide hot meals to communities impacted by natural disasters. To date, supported by cook teams all across America, OBR has served over half a million hot BBQ meals to disaster victims and 1st responders.

To learn more about Operation BBQ Relief, visit their website HERE.

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