Request for Sanctioning

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This contract between the Florida Bar-B-Que Association and the undersigned contest organizer is for the sanctioning of the below listed contest by the Florida Bar-B-Que Association. This agreement is governed by and enforceable under the laws of the State of Florida. This form was last updated on February 10, 2016 and supersedes all previous versions.


Instructions All fields MUST be filled in. Please enter the data online and then Print a copy, sign it, and enclose it with your deposit check.

Is this a first time contest
Yes | No
Official Contest Name:
Physical Contest Location (Full Address): Note: This MUST be an address that can be found by Google Maps or any GPS
Physical Contest Address
Physical Contest Location (City):
Physical Contest Location (State):
Physical Contest Location (Zip):
Event held in conjunction with:
Contest Dates (1-year or first year):
Contest Dates (second year):
Contest Dates (third year):
Contest Organizer (Your name):
Organizer's Mailing Address (Street/PO Box):
Organizer's Mailing Address (City):
Organizer's Mailing Address (State):
Organizer's Mailing Address (Zip):
Organizer's Telephone(s):
Organizer's Email:
Describe your interest in FBA Sanctioning:
How did you hear about the FBA?
First Year Organizers - What FBA Sanctioned Contest(s) have you attended?
Will the FBA also be scoring a Backyard Contest as part of this event?

YES - Note: Additional fees will apply.

Will you be having a People's Choice Contest as part of this event?


FBA Representatives for your contest. If you have sanctioned with the FBA before, please choose one. Note: These options are NOT available for First Year contests.
If available, I would like the same FBA Reps as last year.

If available, I would like the same lead rep but would like the closest available reps for the other positions.

I would like to be contacted about the availability of reps closer to my event.
Distance from the furthest cook site to the Judging area:
Parking - Cook teams, Judges, and the Public:
Nearby hotels, motels, lodging:
For the Cook Teams
How many Cook Teams do you expect to host? How many 20x40 sites can you accommodate?
Cook Team Load-in:
Some teams will arrive on Thursday evening. If this is a problem, please state so. The bulk of the teams will arrive on Friday. If there are specific hours, please state so
Are there Water Hookups for the teams? Yes No If NO, how will you provide water?
Are there Electrical Hookups for the teams?
20 amps minimum, 30 amps is preferred.
Yes No If NO, how will you provide electric?
Site/Contest policy on adult beverages? Allowed Not Allowed Covered Containers only
Site/Contest policy on pets? Allowed Not Allowed Restricted to the cook site
For the Judges and Reps
Judging Area? Inside a permanent building Tent with sides Other, please describe:
Are there permanent restrooms for the Judges and Teams? Yes No If NO, how will you provide for sanitation?
Reps Office?
Must be adjacent to the judging area
Inside a permanent building Motor Home with dedicated power Other, please describe:
Is there a copier available onsite? Yes No If NO, where can copies be made?
Is there wireless Internet available onsite? Yes No If NO, where is the nearest service?
Payout Recommendations
The table below outlines three recommended Payout schedules. Obviously, the higher your payout, the more teams you will attract to the contest.
If you are going to use one of our suggested schedules, just put the word "Better", "Good", or "Minimum" in the first box marked "Grand".

Overall Payout Categories Payout
Grand: $ 1st Place $
Reserve: $ 2nd Place $
3rd Overall: $ 3rd Place $
4th Overall: $ 4th Place $
5th Overall: $ 5th Place $
6th Overall: $ 6th Place $
7th Overall: $ 7th Place $
8th Overall: $ 8th Place $
9th Overall: $ 9th Place $
10th Overall: $ 10th Place $
What sponsorship is already in place?
What is your advertising plan?

The undersigned, officially representing the organization herein named, agrees to hold Florida Bar-B-Que Association, Inc. (FBA), its board of directors, officers, volunteers, and their assigns harmless from any and all claims, suits or proceedings of any nature which may be brought against them on account of any injuries to person or property received during or related to the above described event. The undersigned agrees to abide by all requirements and responsibilities for FBA sanctioned events as stated in the sanctioning requirements.
The undersigned agrees to execute the contest in accordance with FBA rules and regulations. Enclosed is the application fee (non-refundable).

Organization Official:
Application for sanctioning is due six (6) months prior to the first contest date or within sixty (60) days following your contest and MUST include a non-refundable application fee of $75.00 or $150.00 for the 3-Year Option. Should sanctioning be approved, the balance of the sanctioning fee and any additional fees MUST be received by FBA 60 days prior to contest date and are non-refundable within the last 30 days prior to the contest date.
First year contests MUST have a site inspection by an FBA representative. Make certain the Physical Contest Location above is accurate.
Mail this application with your check to:
Robin Yelverton, Treasurer
The Florida Bar-B-Que Association
679 Merioneth Drive NE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547